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Delivering consultancy services for more than two decades Nordforce has built up a track record ranging from one person assignments up to turnkey deliveries involving more than 10 man-year’s work. Our customers range from large telecom, power distribution and pharmaceutical companies down to small startups.



“Do Good Do Better”


Nordforce started as a one man company in 1992 with the company slogan “Quality in Practice”. The underlying ambition behind “Quality in Practice” was to really deliver what the customer needed and not only what was written in the requirement specification. Over the years the company has grown and the customer dedication has become an axiomatic part of our company culture.

2008 we started with the intention to take our company services to the next level based on the insight that the requirements of tomorrow’s products will be a lot tougher. The world is facing a growing population of elderly people and will place higher demands on every-day products and their usability. Also our earth’s limited resources set increased demands on better designed products from a resource point of view. In our latest projects we have expanded our network with a number of specialists to address these issues and to build up our competence. We are very proud for having implemented a customer product that will have a life span 5 times longer than competing products in the same niche. The product setup was also based on that the product should be able to be sent back to the supplier for refurbishing and reuse which is consistent with the emerging business concept “circular economy”.


Our ambition is to have the knowledge and tools to help our customers to contribute to tomorrow’s society.


We have a strong belief that future buyers and end users will increase their demand for products with a sustainable and user friendly design. Our ambition is to have the knowledge and tools to help our customers to contribute to tomorrow’s society with intelligent products with consideration taken to design and environment as well as business goals.
In other words – Do Good Do Better.