How we work


The challenge of each new assignment is to find out what is really unique and adapt to it. Once this is solved and you understand the underlying business that drive the product idea it is merely a question of executing the work in a professional and economic way.


If you are going to build the right thing, the first step is to find out what are the real end user needs – today and tomorrow. In the early phases of a project we encourage our customers to spend quite some time sharing their business goals behind the project with us. In many cases we recommend the use of “system plays” in which an early mockup of the system is built and real users are invited to use the mockup as if they were in their daily work environment. Another useful tool is to make early inexpensive proof-of-concept prototypes.
Nordforce has a documented agile development process targeting short time-to-market cycles while ensuring the conformity to applicable quality standards. The process encompasses all aspects of product development related to hardware and software with an interface towards a mechanic design process. A fundamental aspect of our process is that it may be adapted to the particular needs of the project e.g. a simple research prototype needs a far less rigorous approach than a life supporting medtech device. Most important is the transparency of the process. We always encourage our customers to follow the progress.
Producing the product documentation is an integral part of the development process. Upon the completion of a project we compile the proper package of documentation including release notes, installation descriptions etc. Especially in projects relating to areas with rigorous regulatory requirements it is important for the success to start producing the documentation framework (technical file) early in the project.